Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery (萬佛寺) – Shatin, Hong Kong.


Pai Tau Wai Village
Pai Tau Wai Village

I’m back with colors and this time a little detour to travel photography.

This week the weather was really unpredictable. More or less has to do with the inaccurate weather reports. Sunday’s(today’s) weather was fine with clear sky. I wanted to visit somewhere far. And Shatin in the New Territories was the place to be. The MTR had made my trip so convenient. It took me about 45 mins to arrive at my destination – Shatin.

It was totally accidental again. I was going to do some street photography near the Shing Mun River. And I always tend to see if there’re any old settlement/villages still exist in the New Territories area. There’s a small old village called Pai Tau Wai (排頭圍). The village area is not as huge as the others I’ve visited. I was more into what else is around there. There were a few restaurants (pizza restaurant, cafe, …). There was also an alley leads to somewhere.

Pai Tau Wai Village

Pai Tau Wai Village

At first I was intrigued by the houses that built on a steep mountain. I took a few shots and later I saw a sign says ‘Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery’. So there’s actually a Monastery on a mountain and requires some hiking. On the way up, I saw a few monks…I should’ve taken the shot. I promise I’d be much quicker next time when something comes up that suddenly.

Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery
Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery. It’s some hiking but worth it!

There was another modernized monastery at the skirt of the mountain. It’s playing a segment of Buddhist prayer. It totally turned the entire environment into a ‘Zen Pathway to God’ or whatever.

Monkey walking on wire
Monkey walking on wire (Oh, yea..I was like WTH!)

I was all sweaty as I walked up the steps. Not too far ahead, I saw the golden Buddhas statues lining up along the stairs. I thought it’s very cool. It’s what special here after all. You can stop as long as you want to see each and every buddhas. I promise, you won’t find a repeated one. And I actually found some hilarious ones. Believe or not, they actually exist in the Buddhist world…

Buddha Statues

Buddha Statue

Buddha Statues
It’s a Buddha not an evil, I also wondered where his hair gel and red contact lens came from

I climbed up to the top!! That usually signifies for an accomplishment you’ve made to visit a Monastery/Temple on a mountain. And if you visit the Buddhist gods this way, you’d get blessings from them and fulfill your wishes.


The Monasterial area has a tower on the front yard (I just remember I forgot to go in and see what’s inside..). Pretty unique structures if you have not seen the ancient towers in China. There’re also statues in different sizes. Speaking of spectacular!!! It’s my first time visiting the place. I believe many in my generation haven’t visit here yet. There’re tons of places worth visiting in Hong Kong still. This is one.


Buddha Statues

Buddha Statues


Long armed Buddha Statue
The Street Fighter Indian guy!!!


I was in the wild and that close to them

Electric Pole and the Monastery

I went back down and continued my street photography walk along the Shing Mun River. To Be Continued…