Chiu Chow Food & Cultural Festival 潮汕文化嘉年華 2011 – Part 2

Food, Photography

Monday in my hand was 80 dollars worth of coupons for the festival. I tried persuading my colleagues to visit this awesome festival. I failed..more or less had to do with my personality, or they just thought i have intention other than eating for free..oh well..when there’s food I don’t give a damn about anything else. Free food to try, hey! it’s just me.
Off I go, to the festival again after work, as usual i carried my camera with me. I was able to document this event with images and my simple writing 🙂 I received a free drink while i was sitting at the stage area eating noodles. Wohoo..again free. Few minutes after i sat down, there was some pop karaoke performance. Not a big fan of it, but still better than a dead quiet monday night in Central.
I tasted food that i hadn’t try on the day before. This is fried fish nuggets.
Many passerby after work. They’re like robots, walking the same direction at the same pace . I was observing these passerby while I was enjoying the free tea provided at the event. The exact same one i praised the other day. The gentleman poured me 3 cups that night.
It simply ease all my stress for the day. Drinking a cup of good tea in open air on a beautiful night. You could picture how much I enjoyed it 😀
I remembered there were some oblong shaped dessert dumplings. Seriously I had no idea how to read that (2 chinese characters combined into 1, yea wtf) my colleagues were puzzled at the very same word we encountered LOL. It happened that our boss walked by we asked him how the hell do we read that word. That word is actually pronounced as ‘Lin’.
The dumplings were nice. I was so full. That concluded this year’s festival and i went home happy without eating dinner.

Chiu Chow Food & Cultural Festival 潮汕文化嘉年華 2011 – Part 1

Food, Photography

Chiu Chow is a city in the Guangdong province. It’s also a well established ethnic group with their own kind of cooking and culinary style. It’s one of the strongest canton communities of Hong Kong. The current chairman of Chiu Chow Commerce Association just happened to be one of my company’s bosses. I received a page of cash coupons for this festival and I love food. That’s why I was there!!!

The festival was not as crowded on saturday. I waited a day to visit on sunday. More visitors = more things to see. And I was so right that I met Michael Lam. He’s a celebrity food writer/presenter, had been seen on TV many times. I took a few photos of him for the sick of it. He was nice enough to face at my camera even I was shooting it candidly. makes my day even better. I praised his physical appearance while he was grabbing me a cup of tea in a tent. Holy smoke, the tea was so great. Really great..never tasted anything like it in a paper cup!

I used a few cash coupons on beef balls in soup and pan-fried rice dumplings. They were nice. They warmed me up instantly (it was windy today, I was shivering).

This festival will run two more days until 6th Dec. Go there if you haven’t. Grab some food and hang out with friends.


mobile app that teaches Chiu Chow dialect language.
Haha, he was looking at me and smiled! lol


Yes. These are goose heads. didn’t know it can be eaten until now..


This was the tea that i love. In my opinion, any tea that tastes like soap with a lingering finish is called good


A master from China carving a tofu from scratch (a block) to what you’re seeing, a bird!

He did it. And it’s a tofu still!

Pan-fried rice dumplings


Dried sea weed i think…

Chinese can do a lot of unbelieveable things, this is one of those you’ll wow – Slicing noodles over his head on a single wheeled bike