A tiny compact zoom camera (not typical of me) snapping beside of many unknown strangers (for a little while, they thought I was a curious pedestrian).


It was a bit out of the blue when I got asked to perform a behind-the-scene photoshoot in a video shoot. It’s random not because of how little (but enough) I know about this person, it’s because I did not ever expect anyone would come to me for non-business related help. Maybe it’s career-related, but you get it. As I arrived at the meeting point, I did not expect there’d be that many personnels involved when I arrived at the meeting location.

The Actress

The nature of behind-the-scene is just my game. I’d always wanted to photo-document the unseen, behind the curtain, out of the spotlight.

I understood I would not be there if I weren’t asked to be in it. I treated it an experience of my life. I met the director, filming crew, actresses, makeup artist, coordinators and even the executive producer flew from Southeast Asia. It was all so magical even now when I look back. A director that was so vocal giving out direction to his crew like a coach/chief detective. There was the makeup artist busy handing out a portable electric fans for the actresses in between each scene. At one point we had 20 people on a set. There were 2-3 SUVs carrying all of us around in the district, though I only rode twice together.

Tangled wires


6 months of my re-newed life has passed, I see myself have been able to read, able to realize what’s a good place to read, able to read the topics I’m into. It’s my transition from hiking through the mountains to reading through the passages. Unfortunately, that would not allow me to create any photographic content for you all. Worry not, photographer can always find ways to visualize moments in  broken pieces and put them back together.

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