Common Ground

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Little Thai Paradise

The real definition of old town is more than what underlies it. You see, you feel, you touch, you smell, you interpret all the mysteries in a way no one can show you. You do not need to know the history well enough to be able to understand the old district. The people there, how they live, eat, chill would just guide your way through an unspoken language.

Old body with an transplanted soul is no longer the same entity. Some takes it as an upgrade rather than a transplant; whichever way it is, the community is just not the same.


What, you a dinosaur? Perhaps I’m. Others tell you to adapt and you think there’s always room to not.

When was your last time visiting a shop that’s at least 20 year-old in the city or even a family-run business that has passed down from at least 2 generations? I’m not here to convince you to go support these businesses. I want to know to the point where we have lost it all and bury all these common memories in the museums. Do not we have any regret? When it’s gone, it’s all gone.


Last month I had explored a few locations in the city because of the crave of good food. The things that reminded me of those old memories; were the few really old temples which I never bother to enter, the toy speedboat at a park and the names of the road. The roads are the same but the rest are very much like a movie set. You can erase them over and over again.


The subway is too convenient and we all are forgetting what’s traveling from district to district is like. I remember when I was little, I used to take a long bus ride with my family to tea house at the pier every other weekend. That’s 13 subway stations away.

Our generation is on the verge of loving the new urban city development for chic hangout places as well as convenience for all, and the urgency to halt all the removal that’s from a longer past. The common ground is not negotiable, and sometimes miraculously ignored by the residents nearby. There’re just too many people, too many people’s rights to say yes and no. Everywhere in the world is more or less the same, except we are just so populated.

Jump high

Kwun Tong is a district I grew up before I attended my secondary school, it’s currently undergoing this transformation. One of the longest running McDonald’s branch in HK was closed last month in Kwun Tong. It was opened in 1981.

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