Stuck Here


Breathtaking Spot

It’s been a little while since my last post. There was the typhoon completely ruined the originally planned family trip to Macau, then followed by a rainy week. A week later there was the exciting Olympic and couple sessions of photo taking to finalize a book project with an author. There was hardly any chance I could head back to the mountains. With so little going through my mind, I’m still preoccupied by all these emptiness thoughts. The feeling of despair, the feeling of lack behind. There’s not anybody to council with, not that I absolutely need to. Everyday is passing by without any real happenings, almost as if I’m withdrawn from this world. In short, I do not give a damn about anything.

Resting spot for the 930m hike

Maybe that has been a cure to my inner self when leaving the doorstep of my home.


The Legislative Council Election is around the corner. I care so little about it, not only because so much drama is happening in their legislative meetings and mixed up political environment. None of these people can solve problems I see the whole time near my living area. Things such as:

– lacking of dog parks (way too many pet owners, peeing everywhere in such populated area),
– poor ventilation in our world’s longest escalator system (it’s a tourist attraction without an attraction in mind, how about paint it little more colorful and decorate it more creatively? Install a few solar-powered electric fans?)

All I ask for as a citizen is to have someone to improve our common living places. I’d been questioning what if I could live in another district, a district that’s more attune to our family’s grassroot lifestyle. The fact is, I’m too grassroot to move anywhere now. We’re all stuck here.


No Politic in Mountain

*a handwritten sign says: Mountain has no politics, no graffiti please.

2 thoughts on “Stuck Here

  1. What’s triggering these thoughts of emptiness? Is it the lack of career opportunities? Or is it the lack of purpose in life?

    I’m looking for a new job and my counselor strongly recommends that we understand what our strengths are, what we are looking for (or at least the industry) and network with others. Start with LinkedIn and expand from there – he encourages us to be out there physically, not just network through LinkedIn.

    Good luck.

    1. heard that since i was college. some guys can easily find a job with their buddies referral. that’s networking. some guys can bump into people can find their potential employer (i actually did). It’s true when you’re able to stay seen by the others, in my case, not really. Networking can be learned, however difficult to master 😛

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