Lost and Found


The Champ

Muay Thai was originated from the tribes near the Thai/Chinese border since the ancient times. It has one of the most effective and complete attack and defense systems for the real world scenario. The use of elbows and knees can be a devasting blow to the opponents. I’ve learned from a TV program that some of the not-often-taught moves are even lethal.

Winning Gloves

It was a referral from a friend knowing this Muay Thai boxer (Kenneth) in Hong Kong. He was born, raised, trained in Hong Kong. My friend has been his long time supporter since the early days. He was very lost in life after graduation until he found this sport. He may look skinny but he has been a HK champ in his class for a few years now. He’s representing Hong Kong for the East Asian Muay Thai Championships this year.


This little gym he usually practices/also works in located in an old residential (now converted) building. It was so old that he has no elevator. The 6-story ‘merry-go-around’ staircase on a summer day is a bit of a workout for most people. I can imagine when there’re training going on, it can be very blood pumping.

The Gym
The Elbow

He found himself. He found his identity.
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The Kick

3 thoughts on “Lost and Found

    1. Thanks for pointing it out. I did take the pictures! Really wish there was a training session so I could see more and get inside of their camp 🙂

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