Small World


Not too long ago a girl that I tried to ask out, we both thought we met the first time. We then later found out that we were on the same portrait at a social event organized by a common friend. All that happened 3 years ago. We, Hong Kongese love saying ‘Tiny Hong Kong’ or others would refer it as ‘Small World’.

I’ve lived in one of the largest countries in the world. Just when I thought I could go anywhere with a car. It turned out the country is just too big and sometimes so time consuming to get around. More importantly, not every part of the country can be interesting enough for you. I used to think Hong Kong was very small, too small to be anything big. We even have the world’s smallest Disney. It feels as much as an insult to us. These days everybody talks about how’s the opening soon Shanghai Disney is going to affect ours’ and how the tourism is going to further suffer

I used to get so perplexed with our high rises and got so fed up with the monotonous city life. It turned out when all things packed into a city, we have the luxury to make things happen much easier than a sparsely populated area. This is our edge as a metropolitan, at the same time there’s also the sacrifice – the high cost of living.

In my heart, I like Hong Kong for what it is. I was born here and this is my home. It’s up to how you accept it or you would not be here. Somehow I got inspired by this girl i met, with a true sense of belonging to her village and the district. Knowing the village is a bit remote to most urban areas, the way she described her home and life sounded nothing like Hong Kong, more like another place on earth.

Perhaps some of us are like rat on a wheel, always running, moving, evading, escaping.

Into the Wild
Soil Erosion
1000 Island Lake
Return to life

4 thoughts on “Small World

  1. I wonder if that is you in the first picture. It’s beautifully composed. You captured the hiker in mid stride and the path is nicely framed by the trees. The fog adds an element of mysteriousness.

    Life does feel very hectic and sometimes I lose track of what I should really focus on.

    1. No, that wasn’t me. However I’d been photographing myself with the same camera. I think one day readers would see them. A few of them are actually quite good.

      That guy was running, it was my reflex and all the manual settings were in place for that photograph.

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