Like a Normal Human

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Life is all about finding something for yourself to enjoy. You could fill up your holiday schedule with a list of things you passionate about, whether it’s your new or old hobbies, playing sports, visiting new places, revisiting old places you haven’t been for a very long time, learning new things, meeting up with friends or even better do the things previously mentioned with your lover… I truly believe the key is to keep yourself productive and active. Productive, meaning have your time spent as planned. Active, is my recent discovery that it keeps you sharp and confident.

I’d advise try to go out as much as possible. It applies to people with a shared home when you’ve little or no control over it, especially in a cramped apartment to most people in Hong Kong. Our city is more than just windows, walls and ceilings. Now when I think of it, I can’t recall my last morning respiratory allergy!

During this long Easter weekend, my schedule was reasonably occupied. All these activities began early and lasted a whole day. It was the most productive holiday weekend I’ve ever had since a kid.

I winded down my day with a iced mocha, in the pedestrian and dogs friendly Sai Kung neighborhood. Their vehicle/franchise-free market streets are filled with local boutiques, restaurants and cafes. The waterfront nearby is where people can actually do things like a normal human. Some played with their/others pets, some played with kites, some couples did selfies, some kids had fun just to run around. All these combination reminds us this is the one and only Sai Kung.

Mixed and Match Converse
Unapproachable flowers
Doll Face
Coldest Day
Heart-shaped Leaf

2 thoughts on “Like a Normal Human

  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend. It’s good to have some time for yourself. I sometimes take my own apt for granted. I live alone and come and go as I please. Sai Kung sounds very interesting. The next time I visit HKG, I should check it out.

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