My Window


Sometimes in life when things do not go your way, we get discouraged. And we ask ourselves lots of questions, why and a bunch of what ifs… As I turn a bit more mature, I tend to think about handling things more like an adult. There’s really no easy way to let go the feelings but to not think about it or keep the focus somewhere else. Relationship has such powerful influence to human’s emotion.

I do think about if I’ve missed my window to meet a life companion in my entire 20s. I always thought it’s a commitment so important that I need to have my career figured out, then the future is very much calculated. Now when I think of it, I was just too serious and silly. It’s daunting when I do not get any good opportunity to meet those special someone. I found myself worry over it lately. The clock is ticking. The later I meet someone, the more likely they’d be taken. It’s a fact, it’s up to me if I choose to ignore.

There goes my past three weeks.

Under a Different Sky
Wonderless Wildlife
Tyre Burning
Through the unknown passage

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