Me, Wonder


I used to find the relaxation music amusing, with the sound of nature at home is just unthinkable. After knowing I could easily spend time in the countryside, I get to hear the waving trees, the flowing waters and the singing birds. This is the natural dolby surround sound experience.

At least two friends of mine had asked me the exact same question:
They asked if I’m planning to hike all the mountain trails in Hong Kong. I just can’t think of another answer when ‘Yes’ was the easiest way to put it. I want to see every part of Hong Kong.

I guess that’s a goal that I’ve in mind. I know one day, likely the end of this year I’ll be going back to the same trails. That might be an end to my exploration. I think it’s a good excuse to get out of the apartment and spend a day somewhere else. In a way, it’s also my body training and quite a confidence builder.

The ruins (abandoned village) that I went by last week and left me shocked by the changes at the original site. Many of the houses had collapsed, plants grew out of the house. The nature is as if reclaiming back the land.

There were left behind rice cookers, made me wonder how many family members had it served. There were left behind radios, made me wonder how many typhoon reports had it announced through. There were left behind light bulbs, made me wonder how many nights had it lit up for a family. There were left behind sandals, made me wonder if that lady is still around.


3 thoughts on “Me, Wonder

    1. There were some banners hanging near the ruins saying that they oppose the Gov development plan in the area. So there’s another story circulating that not a lot of us outside know about. Thanks!

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