There’s a lot of things in this world you’ve to see it in person to believe. You may think sit back relax and tune in the discovery channel would give you an idea what our world (nature) is like. I like getting my hands (or my feet, or actually my shoes) dirty. It’s the best way to experience life. It’s what I still believe in at this point. The fact that I live paycheck by paycheck does not prevent me from striving. That’s what I like about self-taught and self-discovery.

With all the discovery talk in mind, it came with a bit of surprise recently. I’ve finally experienced the heaviest fog in my last hike to the third tallest mountain (Sunset Peak 869m) in Hong Kong. The higher I hiked, the stronger the wind, the thicker the fog. My hair got soaked, and even water dripped off from the tips of my hair. The unforgettable part was I actually climbed to the top when there was nobody around and without a lot signs/direction. It was like one of those movie scene where a person gets lost in the mist, much like in limbo.

I’d been telling people about my hikes, trails i’d traveled. The number one reaction to them is always asking ‘Who do you hike with?’. My answer has always been ‘I hike by myself’. I feel that it’s an answer only a freak would answer. The truth is I do not have friends who’s this flexible and motivate, unlike a mission I vividly see in front of me.

My level of personal excitement bypasses the buddies part. Who doesn’t have their priorities and I’ve been enjoy my own freedom. Maybe that leaves the answer why I’m not the best guy on friendship and relationship. Though, i believe it has a lot to do with a person’s personality and lingual dexterity. Now when I think of it, the beautified word ‘Solo’ would be more appropriate when I speak to someone. It’s not as depressing and showing it as a strength rather than lame excuses.

Flat Trees
Mountain Biking
Dead Tree
Hike in the mist

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