Some Stories


The Chinese New Year this year briefly went by. It went by with a bit of chaos on the news. The riot happened in Mongkok regarding the disputes between the supporters illegal hawkers and the police. A lot had gone wrong between them such as why the police did not contain the escalated situation earlier, or why they’ve gone so violent (the first time in my generation). Critics say it’s a very complex situation when the violent riot broke out, policies are outdated, ramification between the youngsters and government. There’s just not a compromise in sight.

Once people started to lose faith in their own government, they’re very vulnerable. They start to look for people with the same ideology in mind. It’s no surprised that many local activists have formed groups to speak their own voice.

Many of our younger generation is lacking a sense of belonging, a sense of security. These people will witness Hong Kong return to China in their middle age. Believe me not, they do not want to see Hong Kong get controlled by the PRC. There’s just so much uncertainty ahead. And to be frank needs PRC is still not a likable new China that we love so much about, such as the safest food to get on earth, no more uncivilized acts anywhere, openness to human rights. At this point, it’s just hard for us to imagine if we could use Google, Facebook in the year 2047. Most of us do not know how the future would turn out.

To me, it’s too much time wasted to think about the future. The social media can be an insidious parasite. The suggested results on the news feed aids on what the readers wish to read about. The longer you stay on it, the more you’d get bombard by it. I’ve told people I do not update my Facebook much, at the same time that does not mean I do not spend time on it. I feel very awkward to make friends to people. I suck at it when I think about how inactive i’m on the social media, how rare i hang out with a bunch of people. It’s true that we all have priorities.

My recent experience on asking a girl out. It reminded me of how much a crush can do to me. I lose sleep, anxiously wait for messages, my mind can get fixed on her all day long. Although she’d eventually refused, i did try with no regret. I learned that how difficult it’s in real life to pair up. Indeed, it is in my social circle. I put all these thoughts away and continue with my hike journeys.

I told that girl about these hikes.

Lively Forest
Into the Unknown
Reach the top
Above all

4 thoughts on “Some Stories

  1. You’ve raised some interesting points. I have relatives in HKG and it worries me how heavy handed PRC is. I read the stories of the Hong Kong booksellers who are now being held in PRC.

    As for your dating, I wish I could give you advice. I’ve made some friends from blogging and so far it’s been good to me. I do like your attitude, you tried – no regrets.

    I like the pictures. It’s peaceful and contrasts with the turmoil you’ve written. But I’m also getting messages about striving to conquer the challenges before us, testing our limits and freedom. Maybe I’m just reading too much into your photos?

    1. Whether we all like it or not, the clock is ticking and when the time comes, we’ll know. Anything before that is just speculation. It’s a bit like the Maze movie.

      Every week I select photos that somehow go together, at least more of them. I believe when i was out there, i already have ideas going through my mind. So when it’s combined with my thoughts, there’s communication between my words and images. Thanks again and Happy CNY!

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