Mobile Phone, Photography

I still cannot believe I’ve not seen a dressed up Santa anywhere in public this year. This was quite a BS year in terms of how poorly companies, organizations, properties managements have spent their money on the Christmas decorations and events.

The older I get, the more truth I understand. Christmas means nothing when you’re not associated with Christian/Catholic. It supposed to be a giant birthday for the Jesus Christ. And myself, an non-believer has nothing to do with it, and not to make it a big deal of it. Maybe I’m missing the whole point to have fun and party, my part of life does not have a lot of that either. No wonder in China they do not celebrate for Christmas.

With all that mumbo jumbo, I have however gotten myself a lovely present from eBay. I read about how much I shouldn’t be spending over for a used film SLR (which is something that’d been holding me back other than its size and weight). I was glad I could first try out one a few months earlier before I make up my mind. Until I found some excellent condition make and models at very reasonable pricing ones. I quickly fell in love with the USSR’s Zenit.

It’s really quite a challenge to go back to ‘Street Photography’ the way before where I mostly photograph people doing random things in the urban setting. I used to think there should be something someone interesting enough to photograph, these type of photographs are turning more or less the same. And the fact is, it is really getting too repetitive as the material goes. The Zenit arrived in perfect timing and to make me think about what I need to do to keep my mind fresh and materials new. That was my Eureka!

And it’d led me to the trail walking. This is what y’all be seeing me do in 2016, at least when it’s not the hottest month of the year.


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