Morph With Me


I was recently helping out GuavaPass to get down some photos for their Green Morph Campaign. They give out 1-week free access pass to fitness studios in town. It was one of the craziest ideas to perform, promote or just even walk around anywhere with that green suit. They’ve chosen the busiest lunch hours for the entire act. I must give them thumbs up. These two ladies dressed up in green had made it so easy and yet entertaining. It’s not something we local Hong Kongese would dare trying. It’s why Hong Kong is still great, full of diversity.

It was quite a social experiment for me to see how the pedestrians react. I saw smiling faces, shocking faces, lots of cellphone photo taking. We’ve got everyone’s attention.

Besides the yoga poses at the traffic crossings, how about posing by the British artist Antony Gormley’s naked man statues in town. We’ve also bumped into two food delivery company muscats – a kangaroo and a panda. We were everywhere from the ground level down to subway station, come back up to shopping malls.

Sitting with style
The inverted yoga pose
Green <3 Bronze
a 3-man yoga pose
At the crossing
Plank moves
Little Fan
The Spider move
We are green
Yoga at crossing
a stop at the
Special guests at a secondary school field study
No not the alien spaceship
In the Queue
Morph with me

This was my first time doing a shoot side by side with a videographer. I had no idea who he was until we spoke at the last stretch of the shoot. I learned that he shoots videos/stills for living, he’s also a short film maker/director and one of the team members of a rooftopping group – Exthetics. Their extreme rooftop footprints can be found on their instagrams too. So breathtaking!


3 thoughts on “Morph With Me

    1. You’re right about this. Just have to be very ready and have faith in myself.

      Another booster was, I’ve met them last time. So they were not entirely strangers to me. Plus the gear was easy enough to figure out, just had to make sure the film was pulling/advancing.

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