A New Door


We’re at the end of 2015 and had been quite a year for me to remember. Just by starting off with 2 casual exhibits on display in public (means a lot to any photographer), working together with some amazing people for a local culture documentary book and their lifestyle news web, joined a launch party and photographed for an event, invited to photograph for a really wicked company marketing campaign, was given allowance from Germany for a photobook testing, got invited to be a contributor for the local Tumblr creative artist blog, first time traveling in Asia (Taipei), cooking in public with a chef coat next to an executive chef in a food & beverage exhibition, and how about meeting back some lost friends.

I really got a taste of being a hired photographer. The staged street portraits for the lifestyle web (The Loop) have been a cool way to experiment with the location, natural lighting, viewpoint, mood for the interviewed essay. From exchanging our contact and sometimes being able to join the interview allow me to know the person better, seeing what others have been doing in Hong Kong. I often explained to people that I’m not a commercial photographer. I do not even know if it’s really called freelance. It’s hard to put a description of what photographer I’m when I consider my work less of a street photographer now. I think what matters more is what I could put out for people to see.

I have totally learned an interview is carried out, how to produce my own photobook, how to fill in my pieces for a bigger collaborative work. I’m grateful I could meet some new people out of my tiny regular circle.

All that I mentioned was never about money. It was more of a fulfillment to my life and passion.

New Door
The Water
Everyday the city I see
Gusty Wind
The friendly Mr. Au and teammate

The last 3 photos were taken after our last interview I joined at Cheung Chau. It was a rainy day. And Photographer Mr. Au was showing his generosity as well as Cheung Chau native hospitality to take us for a hike. It was memorable due to the gusty wind (as if a typhoon) and rain water. The force of nature was unimaginable, with the continuous sound produced as the gust hit the trees and seawater. Totally out of the equation..

5 thoughts on “A New Door

  1. I love the first photo… there’s probably a lot more good things coming to you in the future. I’m curious, are you happy or would you be happy even if you’re not making a lot of money from photography?

    1. Thanks Matt! I think it’s pretty clear to me in Hong Kong to sustain a family tree with average salary paid would be a headliner on cover page of news. I cannot do a living nor I do want to do a living as a wedding/studio photographer, probably the only easier way to making a living. I think I’m fortunate already to have opportunity to do what I’d been doing under my all provision in style and approach. It was never about money, as long as I find enough appreciation and mutual trust from them. Just when people ask me to photograph for favor, I told them I’d shoot with film camera. It’s a crazy idea for many in the 21st century.

  2. Hi Alan, I’m happy to read this post of yours. Congratulations on these new achievements and it sounds like it has been a fun and fulfilling year! It’s great that your photos were included in exhibitions as well as that you got to work with some companies and get your pictures published. I look forward to seeing more of your projects 🙂

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