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Opportunity is out there for us all to figure out. Some people can have special talents that the world appreciate it immediately, some have the right connection and life could be slightly easier than those who don’t, some just are smart and work hard to get to where they belong.

I’d been doing street photography for a few years now. I was not only invisible on the street, I even consider myself never existed before 2015. While looking at all my peers, not a lot was going on in my personal life during my late 20s.

Thanks to Adele, who was a senior editor/writer and now the co-founder of The Loop HK. She had literally picked me up from the trash. I’ve been her photographer for a still work-in-progress book since the 1st quarter of 2015. I was able to photograph lots of people and places where normal people would not have access to. And really from this collaboration I’ve learned more than just photography. I’ve got to know more about the city and its people. Witnessing everything from zero at our first meet, to where we’re now is just amazing. She introduced me to the rest of the team (translator/writer, designer, financial controller), and all now serving as the regular staff for this new lifestyle/dining website. I even have a name card for the company, a title I feel like I belong for the first time. I couldn’t be happier.

A launch party was held last week on a rooftop bar+restaurant with over 150 guests came in. There were free flow beverages and Westernized Chinese finger foods. I was asked to photograph for such important event. And with lots of faith in it, since it’d be my first time using a flash, photograph an event, using film for work (’d be another story to tell); It turned out to be a delightful treat.

This has been a special year to me.


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the Founders - the Loop HK
From the rooftop
Mr. Shou
The Loop
FInger Foods
some more awesome food
liquor cabinet
Packed with guests
Making the speech
More and more food
Good people, good time
Happy people, happy time

2 thoughts on “The Loop

  1. Nice pics and congrats on being a photographer for The Loop. I just took a quick peek at the site and it looks very good. I think talent, hard work and making the most out of the opportunties before you are what some people mistakenly call luck.

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