To the Fullest

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I enjoy the quietness of evening simply because there’s nothing else but the music I listen to. It’s the only time when I read, think, type, arrange photographs. It’s all been clear that these are the most productive hours of myself in a day. This distraction free environment has been my mind palace.

Now when i think of my evening, there’s 98% chance I head home after work. Even on my rare weekend photo walkabout, I’d hardly stay later than 6pm. (Oh, this reminds me of when the last time I’d done these walkabouts?!) I feel like I barely know the city at night. Some people say the night is when a city come alive. Just what’s SOHO, what’s Lan Kwai Fong?

I was following a cinematic TV drama ‘Night Shift‘. The entire drama was filmed at night. It centered on a team of police emergency unit patrols in the most complicated quarter of our city. The heart of this show is how realistic the unit are taking on their jobs. The rest of the supporting characters all works at night, but often get neglected. Some come from complicated backgrounds in the gang, some are just ordinary people taking shifts in convenient store, and some are just the ambulance officers. All these interesting elements combined and collided into each other making the show so rich and alive. There’s often the intersection of life, the tension built up in complicated relationships, the sisterhoods and the life or death.

I often want to define what’s living a life to the fullest. I just don’t seem to have experienced this, experienced that. Is it about how much one makes in a month? the travel adventure one’d been to? the 3-star Michelin full course? It’s always about the money. I cannot help myself when I’m in a district where everyone just seem living better than I do. Maybe it’s the suit, maybe it’s the language. It’s the jealousy that I can hardly contained. Others all have a career in this stage of life, while I’m still on a lost boat. I figured whatever I do does not matter anymore. I’ll get it figured when time comes. Maybe that’s a story to tell years after. You can just call it fate.

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8 thoughts on “To the Fullest

  1. I enjoyed this thought provoking entry. It’s well written and I can relate to it. Living life to its fullest has been on my mind a lot. I think it’s making the most out of your talents and skills, staying healthy (physically and mentally), developing and maintaining good relationships and things like that. I think it probably would be nice to have a lot more money to enjoy great food, travel etc… but sometimes that isn’t possible. So we have to be as resourceful as we can.

    It’s interesting, I always had this impression that you’re out most of the time taking pictures or checking out places for good shots.

    1. it really got me thinking a lot lately after overspending a huge sum of money unintentionally but willingly. It was an accident anyway. I should be able to get through the month if not spending another dime on anything other than my lunch. I’ve never gotten a real taste of debt, this is the closest thing I’ve gotten into. And not being able to give allowance to my parents just seem odd..

      I do not photograph that frequently really when compared to others, especially after my trip to Taiwan. I’d not seen anything interesting enough to keep me gazing. I guess I’m more like a painter in mind. Or it’s likely affected by my mood lately.

      Be well!

    1. Yes, I also chose to withdraw from posting my own crap on the fb. I would rather brag about it in person if there’s anyone clicked to a topic, but not to show off on the social net. That’s me 😛

    1. Then I’ll tell you. It was the first evening in Taipei @ ShiLin Night Market. I had little or no expectation for a night market but this was the first thing I saw at that intersection by the side of a street. You might think it’s an opera thing. No!! there’s a ‘live band’ at the back of the shades which was also visible from the side. The tunes reminded me of the old era Japanese music but in Mandarin. It’s hard to imagine the ‘amazing’ drumming was done by an uncle in flip flop. While this uncle was whipping out the rock beats with his drum sticks, I stood there for half a minute to look for his drum kit. There was none but a drum pad!

      If I had a little more time, I’d really love to watch until they finish.

      I have never seen a street full of food stalls until I traveled out of HK. It’s got good vibe, really took away all the food safety or hygiene problems I foreshadowed beforehand. I was surprised there could be so many choices out there.

      It was interesting to see tourists speaking japanese, korean, russian, english are eating stuff that supposed to be scary for them. I don’t know if I’ve seen any tourists eating the ‘stinky’ tofu or other street foods in HK, maybe there’re; but where would that be. Nobody sees, nobody tries, nobody knows?

  2. I think there are various aspects to living life to the fullest. One of them, which I’ve been deliberating on a lot in the past year, is the meaning(fulness) of what I do at work. The more I think about it, the more it bothers me as it seems like I’m not putting my skills or knowledge to a good or better use. And I think it is a good problem as too often I can get caught up in a busy trap and not stop to reflect.

    It’s important to keep asking ourselves these questions and I hope you’ll find the answer to yours soon.

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