The Norm

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Every stage in life, we have different hopes and dreams.

It’s the nature of Hong Kong being small, packed, crowded and noisy. Everyone has only one life to live for, I’ve always dreamt about experiencing life somewhere other than home. I did said that when I was 14. It turned out I studied and worked abroad for a few years with all my family could support. Looking back I did see many things and I’ve experienced enough to get to know a place. Being not entirely a people person of myself, I used to think it could very well be the culture and unfamiliarity between human minds. As time flies, fast forward to the present time; I came to re-think about the cause. It has every thing to do with a person’s personality, spirituality (not in religiously way). Things such as how we perceive the world, how we accept ourselves as who we’re in good or bad ways.

I used to think why nobody cares about me. Think of It as an investment when you wish it happen. “Why does anyone have to care about me?” – a rhetorical question I raised and I have no answer for it. I’m not too good as a talker. And certainly not experienced enough to speak on topics my peers speak about 70% of the time (namely travel destinations). My only explanation has always been – maybe I’m just too far off from the norm. Photography and blog, who would invest time on these silly things that has no ‘economical values’ in a city that does not wait.

Good things do come in once in a while. Recently, my boss at work told me I’m in line for the next business trip to Italy; a trip that reserves only for senior managers. Although it may not happen in the coming half year or ever, It’s still an opportunity I look forward to. An opportunity to see what I really love, the food, espresso and historic remains. A fuel to keep myself going.

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2 thoughts on “The Norm

  1. I hope you get to go on the business trip and maybe add some vacation time too. I think you would probably appreciate Italy more than your colleagues. You strike me as someone who doesn’t take anything for granted. Some people travel just to say they’ve been there and then quickly travel to the next city or country to check it off their list. I would rather spend more time in 1 or 2 location to get a better feel of it.

    1. I think I appreciate a place more than others because I don’t usually have the chance/luxury to travel. Even to our neighbor city Macao can be a delightful trip.

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