Our Assets, Our Charm, Our Future

Mobile Phone, Photography

I have the respect of those original creators of sorts – whether it’s a large device/sculpture (lesser known due to our city’s limited space), drawing and painting (lots of comics and makes me wonder if we have oil painters in town), animation (no, not just the cartoon pig), act/play, dance, music (not the cover bands, cover songs), industrial designs (new tech), writings (sorry I read too much when I was in schools), fashion (where can we find you when everything is so H&M, Zara, Uniqlo?). Most of them are small in scale, I totally understand the difficulties and have sympathy for them.

Given, they need full dedication in order to make their names. But without a proper government program and possibly investors’s support, there’s just no guidance, no hope. Even if there’re supports, it’s not sufficient enough for the international stage. Very few was fortunate enough to make their names and become a tenant in PMQ – The hotspot for our local based designers. The site was once a police dormitory and now converted into a shopping arcade. The used-to dorm rooms standard in size are now nicely decorated according to each tenants’ likings. All of them are very modern and chic. It’s almost like a trick or treating experience to go from shop to shop. I’m happy to see them there however here comes my worries.

Are they doing okay?
Is that it?
How do we value our own city’s talents?
Are they all so alternative in mind?

It sounds as if I’m so serious and harsh on our own people. But my real intention is really quite the opposite. I want to see some of our best talents’  designs to become the leader in Asia (someday). It’s the only way to have sustainability or even survive. It’s obvious that when it comes to fashion we’re nowhere near the Koreans and Japanese. Seriously who would come to Hong Kong just for that, in Korea and Japan we’d however spend money on their brand labels and designs.

Designs are like food. Every region has their own place for it. We need our own identity and form our own culture. Who says designs are all luxury?

It feels quite odd when we all seem so international in the city when we’re not so in some ways. No doubt, it has a lot to do with our city’s history, our policies, our infrastructure, our efficient/hardworking outlook. It really is our gift and we need to inherit all that goodness to our creative workers. So they become our assets, our charm, our future.
On the set
Digging under and building over
The repair of a broken water pipe

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