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A flat that I live in with my parents is more like a storage room than a place to live in. Things are everywhere which most of them contributed to my parents. Maybe the flat is too small, maybe the hardship they’d been through in their earlier days, trashing their own stuff is a prohibited act. A living place as such had planted a hopeless seed in me. As much as I want to have my own place or even just a bedroom that would fit my PC is a dream that I could only wish for. I’m lucky enough already that I’ve tasted what it’s like to live by myself. It’s when you finally grown up and start taking care of yourself. I can’t agree more. It’s only that I’m going backwards.

Those who work hard to get to where they are, with enough savings for a flat’s down payment. Am I not working hard enough? Is this what I deserve? I don’t even know how to save enough for the price of a square foot (HKD$10,000).

I lose some, and gain some. I get to see my retired parents everyday, get to take care of each other.

Seeing how my peers make their living as a Investment Banker, Insurance Sales Manager, and even many of my former schoolmates had become accountants; it’s a letdown to know how little i earn. But if you ask me if I’d like to work as the above mentioned, nope. I want something that has to do with me. It is why I appreciate those who dedicate their life in art as a profession. To some degree I also believe cooking is an art. You’re in charge in so many different ways, with dishes that can be varied, paired, shared and appreciated. Wonderful food is no doubt a catalyst to a happier life.

No matter how tiny and messy my home is, on rare occassion when I catch the mood, I’d improvise and hand roll my own fresh pasta. Fun fact, I almost had to roll the dough on the floor with plastic wrap in order to get a huge surface. It can be a disaster to clean up though. It takes 10 minutes or less to finish that plate, the work behind on prep and clean up may take as long as an hour. It’s out of my curiosity I wish to accomplish by trying. It always takes a couple trial and errors to get it right. Yup, I’d just use the dry pasta for the normal days.

Cooking is the least I could do to make myself satisfied, while my photography has the same effect but only with the shadow of uncertainty. My every other weeks, to be able to handpick a couple images of life around here is what I feel thankful for. The tram scene I discovered while passing the odd moments with colleagues, the fish tank at my grand aunt’s during our family visit, presentation of art exhibits, the surprise ground full of floral petals at a mall, , the chef preparing teppanyaki at our company’s Chinese New Year Gathering. They’re all so vivid and meaningful to me.

Tram to Happy Valley
Gold Fish
Understanding the presentation
The Petal Boy
Mouthwatering Sizzle

One thought on “Improvise

  1. Life takes people to funny places. My friends from Hong Kong studied Business and/or Economics, but I don’t feel they are necessarily happy. Probably because of long hours and average pay. It’s just harder for people living in expensive cities to be able to afford their living space.
    It’s even more so for artists as you somehow have to balance the art practice with another job. All the money earned goes back into the art.
    My friend studied psychology and now he’s a chef at a Japanese restaurant in London while another is a dancer but he works at a bank as his job. Food is definitely creative. Art is a problematic word. I believe everyone creates to a degree.
    Its great that you roll your own pasta!

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