The Life Projected


I have forgotten why I do photography. This feeling grew so strongly lately to the point I basically put the entire act in halt. I tried anything from going back to digital, back to my film rangefinder, even ventured with my instax. Not even a single photo was made. Not a surprise, It’s something I expected beforehand.

It all supposed to be a fun and exciting activity. Something I swore I would do daily and every so often. I never knew I’d come to this point where I’m questioning why I’m doing in the first place. What an irony..

In a nutshell, to me it’s pointless to even have a camera with me without a proper purpose.

There’re other genres that I’d like to try, such as fashion. It can’t be done without models. And it’s unfortunate I’m lacking on in this kind of network. I really thought some sort of collaboration would be super cool. It’s at least a new type of content I wish it could be added along to the normal routine. This more or less explained why I’m so detached to the street photography. There’s just no excuses of how my shitty life projected onto my photography.

My work life is greatly affecting my personal life, emotionally. I certainly see a passage however underlies with lots of doubts, such as responsibilities and lack of raise/title. I hope this odd feeling would level out and back to normal soon.

Present to you images from 3 different rolls, 2 different cameras. Screw the inconsistency…
Was Colonial, here's what's left
The Superpower
The world thru the projector
The world thru the life experience
Fun not all Hongkongese would understand
Emotion that only your early age would understand

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