Retrospective in Prototype

Mobile Phone, Photography

When all I think about is to photograph and not having a direction, made me realize it’s not about how good a scene is, how coincidentally I walk into a developing moment, or even how good I thought I think to myself. Without a direction, I’m basically blind. Until I figure out what to achieve, I’m sitting duck. I always have this idea how a painter paint. Slowly but surely, there’s all the time in the world for a piece. What’s all the rush for?

I kept asking what am I up to. The answer remains the same, I just want to produce without a constraint of rules. I can easily put all the causes on how short the daylight is in winter. My best answer is I’m just at the wrong place for all these time. For the past 2 weeks or so, I got contacted and was given a chance to make my own photobook. It was an opportunity for a company’s research purposes. At first, I thought I must put the ‘Chasing the Fire Dragon‘ or ‘the Island Getaway‘; something that I thought had a focus on it. I then remember I told myself my mobile images collected over the year could very well be a book itself. All the happenings were recorded through each frame. Nonetheless, it’s got a better reception than the rest. Other opportunities such as magazine showcase and group exhibition all because of the mobile.

The book I had worked on did not take all that long from start to finish, surely because of all the photo selection I’d done through blogging. I spent time mostly arranging them with a bit of a sequence. I did type a preface and found the best photo for the hardback cover. I like how the end product turns out. This free trial without the ISBN and a publisher, I felt like all these years I earned this prize. As I flip through the pages, I really see flashes of moments where I was, how indulged I was, how fast-changing the city was around me. It’s so unbelievable that these images had transformed from a data file into a printed paper.

It’s hack of a keeper for myself. Here’s the front cover if you wish to see for yourself. 

Hearts after hearts
Giving, sharing, fighting
Broken Mirror
Rain of Lights
Alternative Practice
Wish for Toys

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