The Changing Palate

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I have never imagined myself liking sake until I tried the Junmai Daiginjō-shu by chance. It’s the highest grade of sake rice wine. The grading is differentiate by the milling ratio of rice. The higher the ratio, the smoother and usually sweeter they can get. I like mine served cold. Combing with any assortment of Japanese grilled dishes or simply a bowl of edamame, it’s one of the best way of supper to end the day with. It’s just one example of how an unplanned experience can open up new doors in life. My palates are constantly changing just like how I have preference on wines and spirits. I used to only drink wines that mostly aged in oak for at least 6 months for what I thought an elaborate enjoyment. It’s until I tried a properly served daily/house wine (usually cheaper un-oaked wines). It goes down so well that it also matched the food on the table. Think about how much money can be saved, it’s 5 or 6 times the money.

Look back my photo archive, I realized so many posted images that I thought was great becomes average, and average becomes bad. Some even I wish to delete them straightaway. Many do not make sense anymore, not quite as intimate as before. There’s an era that I could even draw a line on. I just cannot look too far back in the past. I can pick out pieces of history but a photographer must look forward, look ahead of what’s coming.

Sometimes I feel the need of putting down my camera and phone, just let the city change a bit more. I’m always afraid of not investing enough time for photography, especially when I’d been expecting the spike in workload from my 9 to 6 during the week. The fact I found is, I could still produce without a dedicated time slot, although slower. I expected too much when I tried. Maybe I’m right about not seeing enough change around me in the city just yet. Just like how would there be any surprises when you see a movie twice. Or maybe like my palate, it’s really changing.

Winter Rain
the highest point to the farthest point
Away from the population
The Hong Kong subway Scene
Very Dangerous
Dangerously Beautiful

3 thoughts on “The Changing Palate

  1. I can understand about what u mean on the looking back at the pictures. Takes time. Took me a long time to accept that perspectives change. 🙂

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