The Real Exhibits


Just when I’m feeling very slow the past two months or so, I’ve received an email from the founder/editor of Master Kong Society; mentioning the opportunity of a photography exhibition from featured artists on the published Issue 1. When I heard it’d be showcasing at a shopping mall (K11 Art Mall) for a month, I was beyond believing. It’s a perhaps my first personal life accomplishment. Not that because people can see what we do, It’s just that; It’s live, hanging right there.

This small scale group photography exhibition treated the each piece like art, locked in a window showcase scattered on different levels of the mall, which there were 2 photographs were selected. The best thing about it is, the biography that goes with it. I must thank them again for typing the short bio. So at least someone gets the context of whom and what some of the locals like me are doing. Maybe it’s all the reason why there’s still many art galleries around even near where I live. There’re people who appreciate. This exhibition ‘Scenes of the City’ goes on until 3 Feb 2015.

Scenes of the City Exhibition


2 thoughts on “The Real Exhibits

  1. Congratulations on this accomplishment. I especially enjoy the art galleries in China. You can usually find something interesting in there.

    1. i wish to crawl into the art scene someday visiting private galleries without paying. haha! China has lots of creative minds, something I’d never thought of until I see their studios on TV. They got spacious workspace and less restrictive on many things. It makes me think how are artists surviving in my home city…Thanks Blair!

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