My Heart, My Home


There’s no such thing as a lucky shot. It’s always the effort that transpires.

It took me some time to finish the last stretch of this roll. It was a journey from start to finish. My weekdays weren’t easy, work got me preoccupied. I had absolutely no patience whatsoever to even make photo at the end of a day. I just wanted a calm, peaceful night.

The process to completing a roll had enlightened me. An unfinished roll kept reminding me I’m not done yet. It’s a huge motivator to listen to your heart and complete it, much like running a race that has not reached the finish line yet. I found this concept very different from digital. And guess what, once I’m done with the roll; I felt like I’m on vacation. It’s just that relieved.

People often spoke about their work, life balance. The classic example that i often picture in mind is an executive/management level person that’s well educated works 9-5 or home office in some case, five days a week. And when they’re not in office, they could be found socializing at a pub with friends. Weekends, they would go yachting, the beach, a cookout for friends at their place. Vacation would be an adventure. I also wonder why am I so far from that. Except the work part, none of that is on my list. It’s hard not to compare when seeing expats on my way home daily. They all seem can achieve that ‘work hard, play hard’ principle, it’s in their DNA. Frankly, even an average mainland Chinese can achieve that, now what am I. The life I live seem flat. This feeling has been undergoing inside of me for a fairly long time. It’s like seeing myself crippled at the starting point and everyone took off long ago. I live long enough but not experience enough.

I guess everyone has their own way of living. Comparing with the peers would just make mine miserable. Maybe as simple as enjoying my late lunch with a cup of steamy milk tea at a Cantonese cafe is my joy already. A joy that I have not ever considered it as. Seeing the life around me is what makes me feel alive. Hearing our language, reminds me I’m here, at my home – Hong Kong. My heart always stays here.

Sunset beauty
The Spokeswoman
Indian Man
Love in the bubbles
The Interbear poses
Love Pretender
The silence
Roadside Jockey
Xi JinPing in town

4 thoughts on “My Heart, My Home

    1. Oh yes. When I looked at the negative, it gave me goosebumps, as there’s so little detail in it. It turned out just fine this way after scanning. And so as the rest on this roll. Thanks Josh!

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