Overestimated the Underestimated


There were 2 nights of film scanning and processing in the middle of the night. It got me thinking how my time was spent on the actual back end on the entire analogue photography workflow. The relatively convenient photo lab made the development seem so easy. Once the film is scanned, the rest is still digital. So when I ask myself how is analogue compared to digital, I can answer the end result is not as different as many have thought (besides the full-frame factor). I concern more on the journey, the process of how I get my image, how I present them as a whole when there’s a story.

It’s very important to know that as a blogger having a few frames on an unfinished roll is just as frustrating as not having an image as blogging material. Having too many unexpired rolls sitting on the desk is also a bad idea. Just how am I going to finish them when all the shooting seem sluggish? I’ve underestimated the pressure i could get from them and overestimated my own consumption. Realistically I do not work on assignments, I do not do freelance work, I’m not part of a club with plenty of photo outings, I never travel abroad either. I only do what’s sufficient for myself.

Shooting portraits is like collecting characters I found in the city. It’s accumulative. It’s also what I call as a desperate move when there aren’t any interesting candid moments around me. But I’m totally opened to all the possibilities, if portraiture is the way to go; so be it. It’s a change in pace, a mix from the regular. It’s worth noting that i found more subtle depth when doing portraits on any of my analogue cameras. The sense of rawness is just imprinted on every image.

The Mexibuds
The Rocking Russian
Illegal Parking
Watching all the fun
The frontwoman

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