The Painkiller

Mobile Phone, Photography

I have never imagine I’d have such regret ever when messing up with a roll of film. While I’d like to put all the blame on the OEM LCA hand strap, it’s what caused an accident like this causing the camera free fall from hip level. Nonetheless, camera did not break and all fine now i believe, but the consequence was unimaginable. The entire roll came back and only 8 frames were there, the rest were blank. Somehow the film detached in the compartment, I did not make sure if film was advancing at all. I kept shooting like a digital. Lesson learned with a heavy price paid.

Now all I wish I could do is to catch up with all my available time. I’m trying just a bit too hard. I could totally see myself in desperation. A great way to force myself to go out, an unhealthy way to produce my work.

A couple mobile images here to illustrate and remind us all how easy digital can be from start to finish. Having a handful of images produced is like a painkiller to my tension built up in the city.
Laterns & Rabbits
Skyscrapers and People
Cloud Above
Candle flame

4 thoughts on “The Painkiller

    1. Thanks Angelina. I like these photographs a lot especially this time of the year when all the coloring lanterns can be seen everywhere. It feels different.

      Until I finish my next roll of film with a handful of frames I like, I’d still carry this uptight mood.

    1. Thanks for visiting HK! I’d imagine a trip this far, seeing another culture would be very memorable. Hope some day later in your life will come back here again!

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