In the Wheel

Mobile Phone, Photography

To a place that’s so familiar with, walk by daily, can be a tough job to use as the photographic material. Even to a point reminds me of a rat running the wheel.

It does sound dreadful when think of a person’s excitement level is always bouncing between the bottom and middle, to bounce up to the top or to be extremely happy and satisfied would require anything out of ordinary. Experiencing new things would keep life interesting. Experience more, see more can at least guarantee to carry out new insights in life. That’s when the interesting images come in.

The summer heat hasn’t been easy on just about anyone. A simple walk around the town has become a simple pass by the mall, for the generous air conditioning. Just like what others would do, people tend to stay indoor and spend their off time comfortably. However, seeing a similar group of people performing the same activities do not necessarily imply to the entire population. Plenty of outgoing folks prefer staying outdoor visiting the nature. Meanwhile I question myself quite a few times already: how on earth did I complete my last project almost the same time last year? It’s a little test of my perseverance, just like going for an adventure only without any danger. And from that I understood everyone has their own way of defining their good times, much like the flip side of a coin. As the heat becomes less intense eventually, I long to see the nature part of Hong Kong again.

Comic WallBeanCosplayersAstro Boys
Hard Workers
The Drum Dance
The Flying Lady for Love

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