East Meets West

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Last week, I was walking my usual path to the park after lunch. I saw a person stretching from distance on a sunny day and I was immediately intrigued by his pose. I thought I should really check it out. This nice gentleman Chris, who travels around the world and he’s currently living in Hong Kong. We started chatting as he also enjoy photography, and he practices martial art. He’s amazed by how small Hong Kong is. I explained size does not matter, it’s got everything. Just look at our neighbor Macao.

Hong Kong is fortunate enough to have a decent mix of foreign population. Recalling how I used to worry about how the foreigners would think about Hong Kong after the Handover, would at least half of the Westerners go back to their homes? It was really never the case as long as the foreign firms invite them to work here and there’s social gathering spots/activities. It’s essential based on my previous experience in the US, as long as you’re not in any crisis such as running out of job or bored to death; given the circumstances one could live away from home for many years.

There was an article on the South China Morning Post I read last week, reported on the life of a few working holiday visa holders in Hong Kong. We, the locals often think about working visas to places like Europe, Australia…It’s interesting to hear Hong Kong as one of those working visa locations on the flip side. And just by reading the article, clearly the Koreans and French enjoy their lives here because of the modern metropolitan image contrasts with the Chinese tradition (more on the Cantonese tradition though I believe) and the size of their native community here.

Seeing how adaptive others are, it made me realize how many of us complain more than adapt. Being the locals, if we can’t even adapt how do we speak of survival? Jump out of our little greenhouses and start making a difference.

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East meets West
Chinese woman
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