A Piece of Tool

Mobile Phone, Photography

Being a dedicated user of Aperture as my photo processing tool, hearing the discontinued news made me disappointed in Apple. It’s their business decision I understand. They just can’t ignore some of us out there wish to use a less complicated alternative software. It left me almost no option at all but to switch, eventually.

It’s interesting how film had started photography. Although digital has become the majority changing the way we treat photography, we can’t deny that the non-commercial photography is still heavily relying on the film emulation. It’s also the fun part. I think it’ll forever go hand in hand when speaking of photograph and film, no matter your darkroom is on a screen or in your bathroom. That’s when VSCO comes in. They have made legacy film names back to life again, sort of.

The mobile version of their product VSCO Cam produces something similar but in a simpler manner. It’s nothing new when you compare it to other similar apps. The way how photographers get involved in their community had made their stand. All of a sudden, you won’t treat their presets as just another vintage simulation. What moved me the most is how others photographers make use of what VSCO have produced. It’s advisable that the equation remains the same, there just won’t be no good photographs if the photograph itself is bad. No matter what preset you apply on, it’s still the same. It had been changing my way of processing photos ever since it arrives on Android. So far, I only use one preset to maintain consistency. It also keeps me from thinking way over my head.
Rusty door
EscalatorsFixing up
Rain, Run

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