The Truth


I was thankful enough to coordinate a wine dinner for my company during the Vinexpo (international wine trade show) last week. We had guests from the wineries as well as our clients. It was a simple dinner without us spending too much time on explaining the products, rather we let all our guests to really enjoy and have a good time. I helped taking down a few photos as our memoir. I did try my best in getting some key photographs, such as when the winery representatives gave intro to their business and wines, when our bosses gave toasts to everyone…

I believe quality-wise the photos weren’t that great. The focus was off on many shots, ISO had to be pushed high enough making them kind of lousy. The restaurant was dim and I did not use flash except one important group photo. I managed to record a couple key candid moments where there were interactions. To me, it was more than anything. It’s priceless. If this dinner were held 50 years ago, probably everyone would appreciate the photographs more than our current digital age. I must give credit to my GRD doing the fantastic job in such confined space.

Appreciating photos have not been easy. Instead of getting our hands on them, we just swipe them, scroll them on an illuminated screen. We see them, we don’t remember them unless it’s swamped on every popular web. The way we shoot photographs also changed ever since the majority has gone to digital. You can still go back to analogue but that’s not the point. If we can learn treating our photos better, you’d realize the meaning of it all. I firmly believe it’s the photographers’ job to give context and meaning to the photographs before they are really born. Photographs themselves do not justify, it’s how we want viewers to see that justify. It does not end there, what’s more exciting is to see a photographer evolve and see the world. The broader the perspective in life, the more he/she can solving out puzzles anywhere.

A living photo
FunLady in different way
Lady in Pink

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