Missing Those Days


After quite a few photo stories with images came from my phone. I liked the approach that easily get my hands on whenever I see things I wish to remember. The results came back convinced me to stay on it. I even asked what if I want to do this approach with my actual camera; will I need a neck strap to give myself more portability? It’s also the first time I seriously questioned on why I needed a human being on a street photography photo. Does it really mean the act of capturing people do things is defined as street photography? These questions just keep arising. I got my answers: I’m capturing what’s around me that’s all, sometimes including human which is fair.

I scroll and scroll on the photostream of many flickr and tumblr photographers. I get blinded by them photos. The earthshaking works mostly come from the better/known photographers which they tend to pace themselves so well that, their best work releases from an extended period of time. They never look at their photographs like French fries. I guess they really look at them in great details like an art piece as if it’s shown on a gallery. I give them credits for that.

I’m losing my pace again with a simple reason, rain, rain and more rain. Shower comes and goes like ninja for weeks. When it’s not raining, the steamy heat along with the moisture raising up from the wet ground. You know it’s the monsoon weather, you know it’s Hong Kong. It wasn’t until the last two days since I picked up my camera again. Honestly, it’s never the same again. I even looked at photographs I’d done about half to a year ago. I then asked, did I really shoot that for real?

It ain’t rocket science. There just ain’t no photographs if not go out trying. It’s how everything’s done since day one. My key is at the ignition again. The question is: Am I ready to fire it up?
Up and touching
Ribbons in the city
Enjoying the company
Under the bridge
The rainy days for shoes stall owner
Weeks of no ending rain

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