Gain Some, Lose Some

Mobile Phone, Photography

When there were sunny days, I wished there were a few rainy days so I could take a break. Now the rainy days are here for just a bit too long, I want a sunny day so I could go out and shoot. Look back in pictures of those days before this rainy week, I actually feel kind of numb. I do not feel anything at all. Much like how water tastes.. Something is missing.

When life is happy, lots of things and opportunities would come to you. The Bun Festival last week was a good reminder of how I turn something I excited about into pictures. I expected nothing on that day as I was just a normal spectator. It turned out I came up with at least a dozen keepers.

I remember how excited when I had a chance to enter the biggest wine trade event in the world hosting in Hong Kong a few years back. I had tried several vintages of Barolos plus other great wines from the Piemonte region from a wine estate. The Estate owner spoke so little english that we could barely communicate. I could only express my feelings through exaggerated facial expressions. He smiled back genuinely. That 30 minutes got me realize how simple life can be without language.

Even that same year my ex-superior invited me to a wine function at fine dining restaurant with, again there were great foods and Amarones. I learned about foods and wines by reading. I got along well with a few other staff. Until later I transferred to another department of the company. The nature of my job had become something else. I had not gone to a wine dinner or event since then. I think it’s life, i gain some and lose some, always trade-offs. In return, I have shorter working days/hours which allows me to do photography and maintain my blog.

Lately, making a legit photograph with my camera has been painful. Not being able to feel anything around me is slowing down my process. Why so serious, I asked? Is it a mind game, mental obstacle? What is photography to me? Why am I shooting photographs again, I forgot? Until I chew on them, swallow and digest, I won’t be able to position my coming direction. I’m fortunate enough to have a few photos in procession anyhow. Many of which came from my trips to outlying islands including a few from the Bun Festival.
sailor thru the curtain
Boat passengers
Hell messenger
Cantonese OperaSwing
Cute tent

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