Accepted the Fact

Mobile Phone, Photography

Seeing the frame does simply not directly translated into a photograph envisioned. There’s none but a LCD screen on my phone to frame my photographs. Photographing off it reminds me of processing a photo in real time. With a considerably level of automatism on the phone software, it chooses the best available settings appropriate for each scene. There’s no way to work around of it, exposure is a few touches and it can make the photo entirely different from what our eyes see. It’s just like that. The immediate changes on the display is almost a live result for you to accept by just simply hitting the shutter. It’s a fresh new way of thinking for me. I think it’s cool to work with a LCD and be more selective.

I’d gone back to my GRD for the automatism approach which is rather similar to my phone. I realized whatever works in the past, it should work again. Even the tiny changes, so far 3 straps in different style I’d changed; still the earliest one gave me the most comfort in it.

It’s a dumb down. Why all the cameras when my phone is producing my work already? It’s funny technology would not wait for us, years from now many of our devices would go out of date, become obsolete. There’ll be better capabilities to replace the old. One thing they can’t replace from us though, our appreciation in photography (if it’s still there). It all came from my recent purchase of a used phone for my dad. I saw how happy he is playing with the slightly outdated Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as some refer it as a phablet. Even some shops are not stocking parts for it. I knew my dad would really appreciate the 5.5 inch screen to read his hiking maps. A replacement of a new battery and flip cover, it’s good to go just like new. Still plenty of mileage left to go and firmware updates would keep it refreshing.

Soon when I pick up what I’ve left off, think about appreciating my camera instead. I picked them. Plus, they give me a sense of identity.
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