Living in the Coexistance


When I see my photographs taken from my camera, I see how my time spent on them. I can tell you what time of the day I shot them and where I shot them. The pattern is fixed. They’re all shot within the walking distance from work and either during my short lunch breaks or after hour before I go home for dinner. It’s just so easy to recognize and almost none of them has anything to do with me actually. They give me a third personal view of the city instead. I took them for a particular reason when I see relationships and appealing qualities in them.

It’s the first time I perceived myself as a reporter. I shot photos because I had a camera in my hand and I wanted photographs. My mobile photography approach is the complete opposite. I do not anticipate for a photo, boom! There’s the scene, I pull my camera out and get it. They work differently and I see huge distinction between them. It’s welcoming and I think my mobile photography would look really good on a print. I must face the fact they have to coexist.
Fixing the light
Destruction and Construction
The wait
Lives that not often seen
Watching the traffic

6 thoughts on “Living in the Coexistance

  1. Hi Alan, I really enjoy your work. As you shoot with film, would you be able to recommend a good pro lab in Hong Kong to develop my film in color and bw? I’ve had no luck with color six so I’m looking for an alternative. Thank You!

    1. Hello Phantazein Studio. Thanks. The only film I do is Instax which I kept it personal still. All the photos you see here are digital and processed with the film emulation. I really would love to try film if I’m living in the 80-90s 🙂 The film cameras never go out of style.

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