Still Here, Unexpected


My last monthly series update mentioned about how I wish to put down my camera for a week or two. Without hitting the street or even think about not producing any had been disastrous. It’s just not happening when I see things I want to click. Every moment comes by as a coincidence. As the Aerosmith’s hit song goes like “I don’t wanna miss a thing, I don’t wanna close my eyes…”. From time to time, I think about my little passion. The passion that has been going ever since I started typing this blog.

It can get really boring to stay within my reach to photograph. I’m still here on a few districts I shoot most of the time. No plan on venturing anywhere. I shot and kept a very small collection this month. If I’m failing to get any input, i believe it’s just my mind not thinking straight. It’s this driving force to try again, again and again on a few chosen paths/locations. I believe I could do it, again. All I do is believe, and what tricks my mind to make me do.

Excluding the Sunday I counted this week, came home with only one or two captures. It was harsh. This told me I wasn’t even ready when I was physically able. Having a camera in my hand, does not mean I have it in my heart. Good thing is I still got my calories under control. I tried.

The Perfect Estonian Couple
Loving hug
The Mobile Phone Booth
Sitting Stone
Palm Print Photo
The White Balloon Dress
Against the Odd
The Shuttlecock Gathering
Thru the Cart
Good Man's Bird
To me this series is a gift, a bonus which I never expected. Perhaps this is the exact intend of photography, the calling of the unexpected?

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