It’s hard to maintain the intensity over time. It’s true. I seem to be shooting less but instead feeling more on the reason behind each photo taken. I’m looking more into the entire processing cycle and theme goes into each batch instead. Maybe because the fact that I shoot less, I treasure more each and every frame i got. I arrange no assignment or project for myself. There’s not a need for me to meet the schedule. The only thing that stands between me and my photographic output is my motivation, the passion to make it happen. My every brief walk counts into each frame.

Life is too short. It’s pieces of moment I want to remember. Places change too fast, familiar faces come and go. I’ve been living in an apartment for 20 years or so, but I do not know anyone in this 36-story building. I do not expect everyone would live the same place forever. I remember when I was a kid, I could easily go visit neighbors or have them as guests. Kids cares no privacy, it’s one thing I realized. Adults demand their own privacy/personal space and putting up walls against everyone, assuming everyone is strangers. It could be just me, no wonder adults all wish to move out.

I do not really know if a break is really needed for a photographer. It’s a thought I’m always questioning in my mind. The more I urge myself to produce, the less I seem to having production. It’s this endless chase day by day, week by week, on and on.

Before close
Watery Light
Street Battle of Chess
Banana and Conversation
Closing Gate
Head Chef
Day Time Cantonese Diner
After Hour 1After Hour 2
After Hour Drink
Fish Ball Brothers
Thru the Glass of a Cantonese Cafe

2 thoughts on “Endlessness

  1. As with all creativity, I don’t think you can force it. Breaks are good, they refresh your mind and perspective. I love these documentary photos. They are so interesting! Hong Kong is so full of interesting people!
    Look after yourself and don’t put too much pressure on yourself! 🙂

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