Run and Play

Mobile Phone, Photography

Get lost in the photography and be whatever I’m. Creativity often comes from the think-outside-the-box process. It really got me thinking about what one’s photography means for a photographer.

Those who’d read my recent photo posts, must have had noticed my mobile photography. I have explained we’ve missed a great deal of opportunities when we do not have a camera around capturing what catches our eye. It’s life penetrating to have a 24/7 camera at our disposal.

The feeling is like becoming a kid in the wonderland or amusement park. Why are all the grown people so serious anyway? I’m open to anything, willing to run and play. I’d lose all my seriousness, which is great. I re-discover the fun around me again. We all cannot be a documentary photography or photojournalist, we all have our lives. I do not travel to far away or dangerous places. I’m who I’m, a guy with a little not-too-humbled heart, loves embracing what’s beautiful in front of me. These are the by-products during my special Valentine’s Day. Forget about the photography genre and fill yourself and your special someone with love!

Mickey Window
White Water
Hazy Ride
The Misty Pillars
Mickey and the Castle

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