Casual Life, Casual Eye


There’s really so little or no encouragement as an amateur photographer. I work for myself. I’m not getting judged or evaluated. There could be a lot of pressure or none during the entire production process. Wise words from a professional local photographer said that it does not matter if he/she is a pro or amateur, we all should develop our own style and set our standards, then stick with it. By that means, adding my own interpretations and meanings to my observation in the work is the key.

Spending more time wherever we go with a camera does not translate into the higher probability to get our photos (it does translate into getting more photos for selection in our archive). I’d say it only lets us see more.  I do not think about how much I’d have missed if I do not go shoot on that day. It creates unnecessary stress for me and for some I suspect. Rather, I realized how I should divert my attention to treasure my time and opportunity out on the street. I run my own schedule, set my standards. Something I enjoy myself doing, no one can take it away from me.

I represent my home Hong Kong and the period of time I’m living in. This is who I’m. I want others to see what I see. I’m fueled by my satisfaction and contentment.

Recently I had an honor to have a friendly dialogue exchange between two other Leica X2 users known on the net, interviewed by Olivier (The Inspired Eye blog). The complete post can be read here: Leica X2: Discussion with 3 photographers. Go check it out!

Cured meat
Think different, walk the same
Chinese cured ham stall
Shoe shop
Paint or Blood
Shop scene
Threatless toy
Another day end

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