Human instincts were inborn. Adding the education background and cultural differences which play crucial roles for us to how we perceive things around us. We learned whether to choose to react or simply walk by without another stare. Some enjoy the nature and just can’t break free without seeing the sky and mountains. Some has to get doses of caffeine beverage daily. Some can’t live without music. And some even feel insecure without getting photos done for a day. It’s old fashion to keep a diary of yourself it seemed, somehow in a way we’re doing it daily only in a very different method, through the social networks. I do like to keep a journal of myself through my blog and photography.

It’s our instinctive reaction to be aware of our surroundings. We can even get a panic attack when we visit places foreign. It’s also our fascination to follow up with another action. To speak, to get closer, to see, to feel…I prefer, to capture, to re-live the moment, to remember.

Leafless tree
The Pair
Tram scene
The Stripping Cartoon
Traditional Windwill
The Message Clouds

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