Time Tunnel

Mobile Phone, Photography

Sometimes we need not to look further, we just have to look deeper. Rather than traveling to the far away wonderland, there’re just a lot left to discover what’s already around us that we overlook.

It hit me when I saw the engraving of Chicago, Illinois, USA near in the park near where I work. I was living/studying/working in Illinois for 8 years. If I was asked to do a memorandum of my past during my stay, I would have quite a few things to state. Such as my unfortunate road-driving stories, good times (bad times too) during school, the locals I’ve met, lifestyles over there, concerts I’d been to…Perhaps memories do fade away, details just can’t be easily be recalled. I remember myself not living the fullest under a few circumstances, mostly because I was simply a stranger (foreigner) to everyone and my intrinsic personality. And I moved to 4 different towns, people I knew tend to come and go. Everything seemed temporary for me, this made me not getting any attachment to the people and places. I lost my sense of belonging. I knew my root was still in Hong Kong.

Until 4 years ago and I had to move back home. That’s when I finally realized I got home, a home sweet home. That’s when I also realized the place seemed small but hope could be bigger. I may not go as far, but that’s where everything packed near me. Just think about the choices of dining in Hong Kong, I could travel thousand miles and not getting anything I’d imagined in the US. I’d not say Hong Kong is a food paradise just yet, however it’s a pretty heavenly place for me. I landed on a job which helped me gained knowledge in both food and market.

My recent years have been happier than I ever was in the US. I have picked up photography as my hobby along the way.

Grateful? Hell yes.

Wall of windows
Tower of the Mosque
Head of a dinasaur
Religious Gathering
Escalator under the sun
No Ball Game
Chicago, IL
Palm Trees
Moms and Children
Projected Presenter

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