1 Mind


I can’t keep myself up with one camera anywhere lately, instead I just go enjoy my own presence in the environment and be free. I go shoot with whatever I have for the day. Rather than driven by my single camera, why not driven by my single mind?

Opening more possibilities allow for more expression. I can shoot beautiful things but it also comes down to how it relate to me. Having a huge collection of photos or a hand full of photos to work with do not justify how I feel about from my inner mind. When I look at my collection with photos taken in a month, I see my city, I see lives, I also see myself. Photographs can be good, can be bad. I present them anyway as if I flip back a few pages of my diary.

I had been using my mobile phone a lot to document my normal life. It still does not stop me from going into shooting mode. I’m not completely shutting off with my main camera, thanks to my well established bond with it. I still need my time throughout the week. It might sound surreal, It’s really a way to escape from my reality. I become who I really am.

Fake Snow
Smoke Pipe
Cured Egg and CatSolitudeModelsGuy and Gal
In the Sun
In the Smoke
Under the Light
Projected Symbols
The Evening News
Picking the Hair
Happy Moment Pictured
FaceThe Living Sun Yat Sen

4 thoughts on “1 Mind

    1. It takes time to develop that and work it without thinking about the gear in my hand or even without one (in my pocket). After all, my intention is just to remember what I was doing and thinking.

      1. That’s my intention also and with the help of the VA, sometimes I get it. I’ve been following the course of your photography for some time. Posting is something I don’t to too often because it’s easy for me to see that you are in the process of connecting the Eye, Heart and Mind and I wouldn’t want to deter that.

        On the other hand, from my eyes…your on your way to becoming a fine Human Being with a camera in hand.

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