An Art Form

Mobile Phone, Photography

I’m starting to see photography as an art form. Not that the production-final product becoming an art, it’s the work from start to finish becoming an art. I got inspired by the spirit of Aikido from a martial art TV program. The practice of Aikido has taught generations of Japanese, it’s almost as if the spirit is running in their blood. I see lots of commitment, respect, seriousness, manner in their society. I wish I got inherited their ‘way of’ doing things.

I have not flipped a single photo book page or intentionally look for new photographers to follow for months due to the fact that I wanted more of my own photography to evolve. Drawing inspiration is one thing, to self discover or start building a particular style accustom to one self is what I really seek for. Just like, to be able to play a piece with a musical instrument without a script is already good, then there’re those masters who could play freestyle with their of signature sounds. It takes practices and lots of digestion in theories to make it to work. I guess that’s where all the fun comes from – the learning process.

I continue to learn by doing it in my way. Every shot is my preparation for the next one. And it’s the one shot that I need it when it feels right.

Power of Yin and Yang
The Unclear Window
The Two in the view
Thru the Kitchen
Pier in the Darkness

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