Message from My Normal Life

Mobile Phone, Photography

Telling story through pictures is like making pictures during a trip. I had just so many times making trips because I wanted pictures. And it’s true that some of these pictures become the body of a photographer’s work. I start to also realize that what it’s like to have no camera with me while there’s still one. Confusing?

Literally, I mean when I’m away from my cameras (with a physical shutter button), I still get the chance to pick out pieces of life with my phone camera. I never get to do that easily and I know I won’t with an actual camera. In cases such as when I’m just walking in a shopping mall, or in a hurry on my way to work/lunch, or when I’m with my special someone. It’s my real life of what I see on display when you see some of these photos. It’s a personal view of what catches me out of my own mundane.

It sounds like a 24/7 thing to some of you, but it’s actually not. It’s more like just typing messages on your Facebook or Twitter, only that I’m snapping down photos at will, sparingly. The somewhat cold weather here in Hong Kong is also making a normal person lazy. Lazy to head far to experience new things across districts. I’ll leave it until the Spring comes.

An early Happy New Year to everyone!


Hanging there





Dark corner



Old Hong Kong on the spotlight

Christmas Decoration

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