Look simple, Think hard.


Simplicity has changed us. It helped us think deeper.

All of a sudden our pocketable smartphone becomes the most accessible camera ever. It is photographer’s dream to be able to shoot wherever they’re, whenever they can. Even for me, I shoot even I’m not in the mood of getting any. It’s just so easy. I use it as an opportunity to exercise my vision. The smartphone camera is the smartest thing ever, it does not have the best control in it, image quality is just fine. I wouldn’t count on it for anything other than casual snaps. Yet, it’s somehow expressive in a way how I slow myself down to indulge in each given scene.

Truthfully reflecting our inner self is what I believe the purpose of one’s photography.

I would not try doing unasked headshot portraits with my phone. It’s just too intrusive here (considering all the social networks), more than a DSLR if you ask me. Other than that, I’d try doing anything with my phone. It’s a sketch to my other framework. I recognize myself do not look so pro when shooting with a (android) phone, fact is I’m not even using an iPhone with more apps to control. Screw it, I get what I need and I call them my photographs.

Tower of Savior

Sea traffic

Parked buses

The Sunday mass

Government land without any use


Worshipping Idol

When I’m satisfied, I know I’m on the right track. See my previous post Raining at the hospital. There were a few shots I really love. That’s satisfaction.

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