Behind the Viewfinder


There’re a few locations in Hong Kong I found myself repeatedly shooting at, which is very normal for the type of photography I do. Rather than spending time traveling away, I prefer to shoot where I’m usually in. It saves time and still I get to maximize the results for the available resource I have. I end up a few photos (if I find good materials) I want for each mini session I do after work. I walk further when I feel like to, not necessarily a fixed schedule. Bottom line is not to stress myself out, I still get my normal activities in life.

Photos tell a lot of about the person who captured it. He/she could be a shy person, doing the dodgy shots; could be a happy person, capturing all the beauty; could be a very curious individual, going beyond territory of privacy. I think that’s precisely what each of us need to know of, ourselves. Investigate yourself, what interest us the most. It is the catalyst to better photography and I believe a truthful way to do photography we enjoy.



Halved faceFoot massage

Stand-in supper


Tram stop


Abandoned house in the city

Sub-divided flat for rent


Private space

Street stall scene

Elder in town

Meat trade

Fresh produce


Down the hill

6 thoughts on “Behind the Viewfinder

  1. Alan, there’s great wisdom in the words you post. It’s easy for us to go someplace new all the time and find photos. We can all do that with great enjoyment and results.
    The great task at hand is to find photos in the familiar without discontent and to do this very often. This is the learning of the self and of course the greatest work one can struggle with.

    Good luck and enjoy…….

    1. Thanks you, Don. We cannot deny the fact that new environment opens all our senses a great deal. I ‘d just put it: I don’t have all the opportunities one could imagine to do photo trips. I’ve to accept the fact that I’m not a pro, not pursuing to be one, and my profession isn’t a photographer, I’m just doing it for fun. I’d rather concentrate my effort on what I could do at this point of my life. Have a good one!

  2. hi Alan, I really like your pictures – thanks for describing a little more how you find them. For me it’s difficult to find pictures in an area that I’ve lived in for a while, it really takes training to keep going!

    1. Hello Ruth, Thanks. You’re right, It’s a discipline to develop. Everyone has their way to look for things that draw their attention. I think it does not matter how much time we spend on the street, it’s how we look at the things we encounter. And that I pick specific spots I wish to shoot in.

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