The Peer, the Guidance & the Competition


The one that understands you the most are the ones that give you guidance. Words from the seniors are as wise as the fortune cookies with hidden ‘Zen’ meanings.

The one that influence you the most are the ones that’s around your age. You do what they do in order show yourself that you’re on the same page with the others.


The shipping dock

Walk the dog

I think what’s different about me is that I do not participate in any clubs, groups to gain knowledge in photography. I do not feel the need of it just yet. Or truth is, I’m still the relatively unknown photoblogger. Whatever the reason might be, I’m doing it for myself. I found it wishful to photograph the changes in the city. I may see no difference today from images I shot the day before. However, the wider the time frame have spread apart, the greater the difference we could tell happening in this fast changing city. Time changes everything, photographs and videos are the only visual media to re-live the experience from the past. It’s what I’m believe in myself doing thus far, even just for my personal appreciation.

Pallets and the stone blocks


Action + reaction

Dog on the run

Tunnel vision

Garbage dumpster

Cargo Container and a window

Front row seat to the harborview


One of the biggest social debate recently is the the free broadcasting rights of an ambition new TV channel had been denied by our SAR government. The government refused to reveal the internal confidential documents that explained why 1 out of 3 channel candidates was turned down. The turned down candidate HKTV had shown the public their production works, and it’s widely accepted and recognized. What we audience see is their passion and opportunities offered in their company. Their leader encouraged the use of young talents, not just the casts but the behind the scene personnel such as directors, producers and the rest of the crew. Many disappointed given the fact that we Hong Kong people want more choices on our TV. There has been a monopoly on the few channels available around Hong Kong. We, Hong Kong viewers only wish to watch quality locally produced programs. Our TVs are one of the windows we get to see the world. TV programs influence us, guide us, teach us, move us. It’s so naive if the government only thinks about all the candidates are racing for the prime time dramas, soap operas, entertainment shows. Think about how narrow the scoop of programs I’ve only mentioned. What I see is, there’re more variety of programs can be made available on the TV channels, such as documentaries, culinary shows, sports events. These are the areas we’re really lack of. Who wants to be the next Jordan when I can’t even see games of him play? Sadly, there’s no network broadcasting/replaying NBA games for free in a long while. Kids these days either find illegal way on the internet to see their ball idols or beg for their dads to subscribe for paid network. I see it as a huge burden for kids to access to this sport or even pursue their dreams.

TV is one of the most valuable assets to inspire people. The one and only free tv channel caters us the same o’ poorly filmed dramas. They face no challenges as they’re the only monopoly, what changes do they need if there’s no competitors? It’s merely my own point of view, it’s from those who’re experienced in this industry.

Those who stand the competition would become stronger. Those who lose can self-reflect and re-calibrate again for the next challenge. Competition can be hostile or can be friendly, it’s up to how we see it through. At the end of it, you shake hands and walk away. No hard feelings.

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