Just when I believe things seem to be relatively slowing down in life, but it’s really not. It’s just me not quantifying my time effectively. Life journey is long, our life events are happening all over the place. I was pretty clear that photography is up high in my priority, until there’re more important things I wish to make it happen in life before I go full throttle again with my camera. The word ‘priority’ is finally appearing in my vocab. I never understood why photographers have to go hiatus and take care of their personal lives, while switching on a camera is a flick, and hit of a shutter is just one click. I never understood the reason behind all these until I experience it. I believe it’s as simple as, ‘Hey, I got some serious business to take care of willingly before I do anything else.’ Just like that.

I’m still out shooting like usual. Just that the non-photography side of me is a bit pre-occupied. Though it’s not getting in the way, it’d need time for me to adapt. I treat it as an excellent opportunity to learn.

I rarely share my photography passion with my friends and even family, as it’s not an accomplishment of any kind. However, it feels so darn good doing what I’d been capable of doing so far. Until recently I learned about expressing my passion to people I meet, such as new friends, new colleagues. I may not be as good as some people expected I’d be, they’d at least give me a sincere respect. What more can I ask for?

This set of photos were taken from my walk to the district I had not planned. I got off from the subway and planned to stroll in the one of the poorest districts here which I couldn’t recall when the last time was. No, I kept walking further and further to another direction and ended up somewhere else I hadn’t been to. Truth is, it takes a genius to get lost in the city.


The butcher

Street style meat curing

Cantonese BBQ


The sisters

2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. It might seem that none of the people you know from “real life” are interested in your photography because it’s not very good, but perhaps it’s just because they aren’t as interested in the kind of photos you take. I find your photos really interesting because they portray life in Hong Kong with a lot of curiosity. You treasure and record details that people who live there may not find particularly special because they are so used to it.
    Glad that you still find time to carry on, even though life does not slow down. Take care of yourself though please! Don’t overdo it – remember to rest 🙂

  2. Dear Lemonade, I’m just staying true to myself. I do not need to impress people with my passion. It’s just a little part of my life especially it’s only a hobby. If they’re into what I do, that’s fine; it not, I can’t force them to. Things that I observe reflect the very instant what I have in mind. When my mind is blank or not engaged, there’s not a whole lot I could do about it. Finding balance in life is an ever-running process.

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