The Spotlights


I time and time again found myself end up with pictures that I like at night. Whether It’s the lit up street corner, the ambient light post on a backstreet, the spot light readied shop window on the main street, the dim back illuminated advertising board on bus stop; they all catch my immediate attention just because they all look different during the night. The beauty is pouring all over the city.

It’s always uneasy for me during the day, the fact that I work indoor; I rarely get the chance to enjoy the beautiful sunny days. Everything seems too clear, lack of surprises. When the sun goes down, what seems to be the unwanted dimension is gone. The remaining dimensions have reconfigured by us human.  The man-made lighting environment encourages me to see what’s under the city spotlights. Each tells a story of their own.

Red Socks

Left behind

Seats of their own

Filming Crew

Against the odd


The projected scene

Photos of old Hong Kong

The alone time

The alone time

Chopped legs of preserved pigs

Connected with hands

Old Hong Kong in businessThe bulletin

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