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I’d been hearing all about this on the news. Everyone’s whining about the poor enrollment system for the kindergartens at the Northern District here in Hong Kong, they demand for a more systematic way for their children to enroll. Parents queue up for application/submission on multiple schools as an insurance. I understood the concern of moms and dads. Also to mention the legal immigrants across the border are also there to fight for their seats. It’s not a bad way to step up the game by implementing some sort of rules and guidelines for parents and kindergartens to follow now. The milk powder was an issue. Now more issues from our education system are surfacing. About time to act, really.

The Tiger



While my current collection is currently developing, still very much in work in progress; I want to keep up with the insanely beautiful sunshine by a few done with my phone. I was there in a mini-zoo at a park. This is one of the oldest parks in Hong Kong, so as their facilities. Who actually use a ‘metal cages’ to display their captive animals to their visitors these days? You see it here. The admission is free, so what? It’s outdated.

I guess demands would not been heard or are we just happy and settle with what we have?

7 thoughts on “Keeping up

  1. Fascinating photo of the big cat. Seems like you can get up quite close?
    I guess there are different difficulties in every country. Over here they were saying that there will be a severe shortage of primary school places very soon but no one seems to be paying attention to the issue. I don’t know what one does in these situations.
    I feel sad about the milk powder situation too. I heard that some people were visiting during the holidays and actually buying suitcase loads of our milk powder to take back for their young children! Wow, it must be very worrying 😦

    1. it’s a animal specimen. 🙂 The strategic planning is definitely what it’s there for. It’s terrifying when parents fear for their children’s life.

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